Technical Services

Since 1988, our core business is the arrangement of ship repairs and conversions in reputable Shipyards across the Globe. Throughout the years, we have established long-term relationships with Shipyards mainly in China and Turkey while we have performed a vast amount of repairs in Northern Europe, the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, South America and West Africa as well as in the Far East.

Our job does not end at helping Ship Owners to choose the most suitable facilities for repairs, but we are committed in following all projects through, from the beginning till the end. Through our established offices in Shanghai, China and Tuzla, Turkey, we employ local engineers and personnel who actively assist superintendents throughout the duration of each project. We are ready and on call 24/7 to intervene and assist with anything that may come up before, during and after the repair period and have been doing this successfully for the past 3 decades, assisted of course by our close relations to all Shipyards key staff.
We can provide impeccable services through our associated Workshops and teams of engineers spread worldwide, with the following:
  • M/E and A/E repairs
  • Pumps and motors repairs
  • Steelwork
  • Replacement of anchor and chain
  • Tank cleaning services
  • Piping works
  • Boiler works
  • Electrical works
  • A/C & refrigeration systems repairs
  • Deck repairs including Cranes
  • Hydro blasting and painting afloat
  • We are in a position to deploy riding teams who can perform numerous works afloat and while the vessel is sailing
  • In water Class survey/Clearances measurement
  • Hull cleaning/Propeller polishing
  • CCTV inspection
  • Stern seals replacement
  • Underwater Ship repairs (propeller, rudder, duct repairs, overboard valves blanking, cracks gouging/welding etc)
  • Maintenance repairs
Our partners are located in various ports around the World and we are also in a position to deploy divers teams from Greece who can undertake any of the above works. All our partners are certified by IACS Classification Societies and come highly recommended by most Shipping Companies we have worked with.

Pre purchase surveys are an essential aspect of the purchase of ships and boats, particularly in the second hand market. Dovanko Marine Inc. can provide pre-purchase surveys of all vessels from small private boats to very large sea going ships including LPG Carriers, VLCC and Bulk Carriers, etc. Pre-purchase surveys performed by us, includes a full survey of all accessible areas of the subject ship and, very importantly, specific areas of known recurring problems on various ship types and designs.

By performing a pre-purchase survey of ships, the buyer can reduce the risks of unexpected additional repair costs, unexpected operational down time and damage to their reputation which can occur when a ship is unexpectedly removed from service – particularity following a high profile or publicised purchase.

We are in a position to assist with our qualified and competent team of Naval Architects/Marine Engineers, in any port of the World.